10 Different Jobs I’ve Had In The Last Year

Having travelled for an entire year, I’ve seen myself in every kind of work imaginable.  The UK saw me in the hospitality sector, France saw me cleaning, and Hong Kong.. well. Just read on and find out.

  1. Glass Collector

Basically the bartender’s bitch, there were four girls including me meant to look pretty to entice customers in, and to literally… collect glasses.

img_7794-12. Bartender

I got promoted from collecting the glasses to handing them out.. I did get questioned 40% of the time about being underage behind the bar because at 19 I still look like a 14 year old, but I loved the job all the same.

3. Barista

As cool as it sounds, I made coffees in a French macaroon shop, creating my own latte art and learning the different ways of making each coffee.

4. Waitress

This was not just your average waitressing job. I was working in a popular Alpine restaurant capable of holding 120 customers at full capacity, and it quite often was. My manager decided to have a holiday, literally leaving me as the only waitress for the. entire. restaurant. I quit a month later.

5. Property Manager

img_6351I still think this sounds far too grown up for my age, but I was in charge of 15 different properties in the Alps, all the way from poky studio apartments to full blown five bedroom chalets.  I had the keys to all of them, and I welcomed guests into the properties, cleaned whilst they were out, and collected the keys off them again at the end.

6. Tutor

Who knew teaching little children could pay so well? I was hired as a French tutor (thank you, bilingual skills..) and four times a week, I would sit with children and help them through their work.  I was even payed the half hour it took to walk the vertical hill up to the house and back.. what a life.

7. Babysitter

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-14-03-38Sounds generic, was actually quite a traumatising experience.  Looking after a screaming 6 month old for five hours is as tiring as it sounds. Another time, I was put in charge of 2 four year olds, a five year old and eight month old baby at one time.. nightmare.

8. Intern

Working in the copywriting department of an advertising agency in Hong Kong, I was that person no one really knew what to do with.. so instead I put the time to good use and set up this travel blog instead. Perks of the job.

9. Chalet Cleaner

Exactly what it says on the tin.

img_775410. Princess

Yes, really. I was payed up to £80 an hour to dress up as a princess and be an entertainer at kid’s parties around Hong Kong.  I was everything from Elsa in Frozen to Sleeping Beauty, and would go in and play fun games with the children.  I was also trained in balloon modelling and face painting. How about that for the ‘Skills and Qualifications’ section of your CV?

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