What’s In My Bag? – Bali Edition

Starting off, I have my new Pacsafe Travel Backpack, a super lightweight 45 litre backpack designed with anti-theft properties.  The material has a built-in slash guard, making it hard to cut into, warding off potential thieves.  Being only 5’2, I was looking for something that would fit everything I needed without dwarfing me or making me feel like I was carrying my body weight on my back, and this was the perfect option.

In addition, my favourite piece from Pacsafe is my turquoise rucksack, which is just small enough to work as a daytime bag.  With over 6 different safety features that I’ll review in a full blog post, this is one of the safest items I could travel with, not to mention super cute too. I can’t wait to give this a full review!



P1040499Put me in a cosmetics store and I can be entertained for the next 5 hours, so choosing what to pack in terms of beauty and toiletries is a never ending struggle.  Luckily Lush came to my aid yet again with their solid shampoo and accompanying metal tin, saving me valuable space and less liquids to carry (I’m going carry-on only!)


P1040507In a similar vein, I took my new Muji travel bottles, the cutest little containers made of silicone to carry my face wash, eye-make up remover, moisturiser and conditioner without impending on those irritating liquid regulations.



P1040497Talking of face wash, I could rave about the Freederm Oil Control range until the cows come home, but wow this range changed my life.  I struggled with oily skin from my early teens on wards, and I was always plagued with spots and blemishes.  One day I picked this holy grail of a face wash + moisturiser off the shelves, and now I regularly get complemented on what ‘clear’ skin I have.  Freederm, you are a life saver!

P1040500Being sunburnt and covered in bites isn’t really my vibe so these items were quickly thrown in; I’m as pale as a sheet and I pretty much blind everyone within a one mile radius, so a small factor 50+ (I’m not joking) suncream is essential.  For some reason being white also means I’m a number one meal for sandflies and mosquitos, so I got me some insect repellant sheets to quickly wipe down to ward off these spawn of Satan.

As much of a make-up fiend as I am, I had to have a talk with myself as to how much I would actually need.  I (painfully) narrowed it down to:

P10404921) Revlon Colour Stay Foundation- Oily skin sufferers, look no further, this foundation is the ultimate saviour for staying power



P10404962) No.7 Exceptional Definition Mascara- Found it 3 years ago, loved it, never bought anything else since




P10404953) Barry M Natural Glow Palette 2- This palette has champagne shades for daytime, and gorgeous neutral browns to switch to an evening look




P10405014) Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner- Such a simple product to instantly turn any daytime look to a night time one





I am the WORST when it comes to packing clothes.  That dress that I wore in 2011 that doesn’t really fit me and one of the straps is broken?  Don’t worry, I’ll convince myself I’ll need it and throw it in at the last second.  For the sake of keeping this blog post relatively short and sweet, and saving myself space and back pain, I decided to try ‘smart’ packing.

  1. 10 pairs of socks/underwear- I was not about to risk not finding a launderette, one pair for everyday of my trip
  2. P1040512Cotton On Shorts- The fashion designers at Cotton On are my unsung heroes.  As a curvy girl with my fair share of thigh and hip, trying to find shorts that fit me in both these places, at the waist and cover my sizeable posterior is like attempting to create gold from dust.  Until I found these shorts.  Light, breathable, with enough fabric to stop my bum hanging out, these were an absolute saviour.  I threw two of these in.
  3. A pair of loose pants
  4. 5 tops- Ones that could go from day to night for an evening outP1040513
  5. 2 pairs of shoes- flip flops/sandals for light day tripping, and a good pair of trainers
  6. Bikini
  7. Rainjacket
  8. Cardigan/Throw


P1040503I’m a complete worrier and anxious traveller, so I P1040504print everything I could possibly need before I go.  That means boarding passes (this blog doesn’t have its name for nothing), insurance, passport, confirmation emails from hostels, directions to said places, you name it.  This travel holder has little compartments for all the different documents I have to carry with me.

13549327_1026761570694143_1165103841_oElectronics + Other Bits

I was really trying to keep these minimal, because who wants to be walking target? No macbook for me 😦 I kept it at my phone, camera, accompanying chargers and adaptor plug, and my trusty Kindle (an 8 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur with nothing to do? I’m alright thanks).

I also made the clever decision of purchasing a travel towel- super absorbent, quick drying and fluffy, it’s perfect for travelling light.

What made carrying these important items and documents around with me a little more stress free was my Pacsafe Portable Safe, raved about by the likes of Adventurous Kate. This amazing satchel-like safe is made of the same slash-proof material as my travel backpack.  You put your important belongings inside, and wrap the wire around something stationary in the room i.e. a pipe, making it incredibly difficult to steal.  As a young traveller with an overly anxious mind, this sets me at ease when leaving my hostel.

It’s time for the next chapter of my travels, and I’m thrilled to be setting off to Bali for 2 weeks!


2 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag? – Bali Edition

  1. Where’s the naked palette? It should have been kept in the ‘Pacsafe Portable Safe’ as it is precious…


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